Words worth spreading

I don´t like being a tomato so I escape the sun to prevent myself from getting red. Saturday I did that by going to TEDxflanders  in the Flemish opera. I thought I wasn´t going to get in on time because my friend who had the tickets woke up late. He didn´t know that his evil cellphone only rings during the week.  So there I was at the Flemish opera without a ticket and without my friend but with good hopes that everything would work out. And it did, the nice lady form the info desk gave me a wristband and the volunteer from the 3rd balcony got me a seat on the parterre  so I could look at the speakers instead of my shoes(I´m a bit afraid of heights. )

I have been to conferences, but TEDxFlanders  seemed a tad different. The overall theme was Leitmotiv , I had never heard of Leitmotiv before, but TEDxflanders taught me that it is a German Term used primarily in music to define recurring theme associated with a person, place or idea. Tedxflanders used this as main theme because it represented the essence of TEDx (ideas worth spreading) and suited the event location (The Flemish Opera).Welcome on my  TEDxtrain of thoughts which you are more than welcome to hop on without a ticket fee.

Before instruments where invented people made music too and they used nature as a source to develop sounds. So what do you do when you want to play music at the seaside but you don´t have an instrument. Look for a spiral consort and blow it. Probably not that easy to find a big ass spiral consort like the ones used at the first performance but it is a great idea. And if you´re at the sea looking for this big ass spiral consort keep your plastic bottle to yourself. Because the sea gets to swallow heaps of plastic which end up in our own stomach since we eat the fish that eat that plastic. Lesson learned Dos Winkel (underwater photographer) . Lesson Learned Olivia Urutazibwa on decolonisation of the western mind. We are not the only smart people on the planet a lot of people in third world countries come up with their own clever solutions and we should help them to step up and make  it happen.  Ever heard of an innovative creative  fun educational  project that connects  students from elementary school, secondary  school and university ? Mymachine is such a project that impressed the audience but also made them giggle after introducing the ´spankingmachine´ .It is just as awesome as child´s own studio that makes stuffed animals out of kids drawing , it teaches kids that anything is possible. Just like John Hunter teaches his pupils to become strong individuals with his World Peace game and great  personality.  This together with operadirector Tatjana Gürbaca  and the nervous Lara Alegria Mira (scissorstructures) and Reinhart Paelinck(kite windenergy)  was the impressive list of speakers before the lunchbreak .

After the lunch one amazing speech followed the other.  We saw that an choir opera dresses just like everybody else at rehearsal but they all sing like a boss. We discovered physics can be taught in an entertaining way but we need some training to grasp it completely. We learned a bit about neuroscience in a dramatic American way , saw an intimate and intriguing side of Stijn and nominated him  for bestuseoftimeaward and discovered a way out of our monetary failing currency system thanks to Bernard Lietaer. We got an effective motivational speech from Dan Brodsky Chenfeld, because sometimes you just have to have a leap of faith and make that jump when you start something new. Dezmona gave us chills and inspirational thoughts. Jamie Anderson taught us how to get littlemonsterfollowers lady gagastyle and showed us the resembling look of Steve Jobs and Gandhi. The dancers of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui moved so fluently that I thought they were as flexible as freshly cooked spaghettistrings. While Catherine Van Holder and Ine Dehandschutter talked about being digital nomads. This day full of ideas worth spreading ended with some standup-comedy , we are probably not allowed to call it that but Jean Paul Van Bendegem  was teaching us some logics that cracked the whole audience up.

All the speakers and performers shared something today. They had the motivation, the will and the power to go after a certain goal and they reached it. At TEDx they shared their remarkable stories, findings, lives with us and I´m very  thankfull for that. Making this article was the first goal I set after the TedxFlandersevent  and it is certainly not going to be the last. Like the sign in my mums toilet says ´you never fail until you stop trying´. I like to end my blogpost with a reference to a song from Simon Vinkenoog, a song that would have suited this event.

Simon Vinkenoog Ja! (a song that suits Tedxflanders)


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